Today’s Religious Sister


“There are two things I love most about being a woman religious. I love being part of a community of women who share a common charism for the mission and with whom I can pray, share friendship and support at times of joy and sorrow. I also love the freedom to be of service and to partner with other church members to bring Christ more fully present to many people.” (Sister Virginia West, SND de N)

“One of the greatest joys of my religious life is to experience the shared Christ-centeredness of each Sister’s call to prayer, community, ministry, and the uniqueness with which these calls are lived out.” (Sister Florence Bryan, SSJ)

“What I love the most about having responded to Jesus’ deeper invitation to become a Missionary sister is the growing awareness that in loving and serving others I am loving and serving God.” (Sister Teresa McElwee, SND de N)

“What I love most about being a Sister is glorifying God our Lord in everything and serving people for God’s Love.” (Sr. Tukuza Mpangara, OSB)