Today’s Diocesan Priest


Father Tom Connery, pastor, St. Peter Catholic Church, Deland

No day is the same. Each day is different with its own challenges and opportunities. From visiting the sick, playing kickball with the school kids, to celebrating Sunday mass. It is exciting life. It is never dull. Not always easy but never dull. I could never handle a nine to five job sitting behind a desk. Being a priest is holding the key to the hearts and lives of so many people. You share their joys as in the birth of a child to the sorrow of burying a loved one. It is the stuff of life. I get time to pray. It is like getting paid to spend time with God. My prayer time is my focal point of my day. I love to be with Him.

To think it all began by going on retreat when I was in the 7th grade. I had no interest in being a priest; I wasn’t even an altar boy. I went on retreat and there I found these priests  different. They played sports. Some were musicians and one was even a ventriloquist. They radiated happiness. I wanted to be like them I wanted to work with kids and keep them out of trouble. It is a wonderful life.