Saint of the Month – March: St. Patrick

St. Patrick was a bishop in Ireland in the fifth century and one of the patron saints of Ireland. His feast day is March 17.

St. Patrick was born around the year 387, in Scotland, and as a teenager, was captured and taken as a slave to Ireland, a land of pagans. He turned to prayer during his time as a slave, and escaped many years later and became a cleric, and later was ordained a bishop, in the north of Ireland. He also served as a missionary.

St. Patrick spread the Gospel throughout Ireland, despite opposition from some people. Many Irish people, including Kings and entire kingdoms, converted to Christianity after hearing St. Patrick’s message. He spent more than 40 years preaching and converting.

He died on March 17, 461. His symbol, the shamrock, was used to explain the Trinity, which describes God as three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.