Our Mission

Our Sister Diocese Relationship

For several years, the Catholic Diocese of Orlando has had a Sister Diocese relationship with the Catholic Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana, located within the Dominican Republic. This relationship provides a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to assist our brothers and sisters in need in the Dominican Republic of all races and religions. Literally thousands of people in the Dominican Republic have received much needed services, thanks to the generosity of volunteer participants. Volunteer participants and staff members of the Diocese of Orlando have spent countless hours serving on the Mission Steering Committee for the purpose of planning mission.

Basic Principles:

(adapted from basic principles and beliefs of Friends Across Borders cross-cultural immersion trips that help participants gain the most from their experiences.)

1.    We make our mission trip/journey as a community. We have personal experiences but they are not “individual” experiences, they will be collective.
2.    The mission trip will meet each of us differently. We are different and on different journeys. We will respect everyone’s experience.
3.    This mission trip is not the beginning of your journey. Something in your life path drew you to say “yes” to this mission work. We all want to celebrate and honor it.
4.    On this mission trip, we go to visit sacred ground and a graced people. You will experience poverty and situations unlike you have experienced before. But life is a mystery, and God is very much present in the situations and people we encounter.
5.    While on mission, the people and situations we will encounter are human, imperfect and limited, just like our own culture is.
6.    While on a mission, a primary commitment is to open our hearts, listen and to be compassionate. Allow yourself to deeply “feel with” and to “see” as the people you work with see.
7.    Believe that God will accompany us on our journey so we can be confident and we can celebrate.