The priest is a member of one of the three orders of ordained ministry in the Catholic Church (the others being diaconate and episcopacy).

They are consecrated to preach the Gospel and shepherd the faithful, as well as to celebrate divine worship as true priests of the New Testament.” (Lumen Gentium, no. 28).

Vicar for Priests

There are two Vicars for Priests in the Diocese of Orlando assisting the bishop by providing support to the priests in the Diocese of Orlando by:

  • Responding to matters concerning spiritual, physical, and psychological health of the priests of the Diocese.
  • Acting on behalf of the bishop concerning matters of priest personnel.
  • Sits as a member of, and provides staff support for, the Priest Placement Board in the work of recommending to the Bishop assignments of priests to parishes and other ministries in the Diocese.

Very Rev. Paul Henry
Vicar for Priests




Rev. Miguel Gonzalez
Vicar for Priests




Father Edward McCarthy
Vicar for Senior Priests



Priests ordained in 2018 reflect on their journey to priesthood


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gielVery Rev. John Giel, VA, JCL,
Chancellor for Canonical Affairs and Vicar General



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