Ensuring the full immersion and integration of our vast, diverse, and growing multicultural population into the life of our local church is essential. By working in solidarity and through a “pastoral de conjunto” with clergy, lay ecclesial ministers, and others to cultivate understanding, respect, and acceptance of the rich ethnic heritages present in central Florida, we increase each’s support and participation on all levels of parish leadership while strengthening the principles of inculturation among all Catholics in the Diocese of Orlando.

Currently, these multicultural ministries are organized in our diocese:

African Community: Rev. Emmanuel Akalue, 321-725-3066
Brazilian Community: Rev. Carlos Anklan, c.s., 407-656-3113
Filipino Community: Rev. David Vivero 407-322-3795
Haitian Ministry: Rev. Jean Gaetan Louis Boursiquot, 407-246-4922
Hispanic Ministry: Rev. José Muñoz, 407-249-0906
Korean Community: Rev. Kim Jong Joo, 407-895-8858
Polish Community: Rev. Andrzej Jurkiewicz, 407-275-0841
Vietnamese Community: Rev. Chau J. Nguyen, 407-896-4210


For other related needs, please contact:
dennis-johnson-newDennis Johnson, Jr., Secretary for Laity, Family, and Life