Dear Deacons,

Requests to exercise your diaconal ministries, outside of the Diocese of Orlando, requires issuance of a Letter of Good Standing by the Diocese.

To be eligible to obtain a letter, deacons with faculties in the Diocese of Orlando must, at a minimum, have on file with the Diaconate Office the FOLLOWING:

1.  Current Background Check and Safe Environment training,

2. Current Statement of Mutual Expectations & Continuing Formation Record, 

3. Funeral Arrangement Form, AND

4. Policy Manual Acknowledgement Form

Missing any of the above items, means the deacon is NOT in good standing.

Letter requests must be made, at least, TWO WEEKS in advance of travel.

To request a Letter of Good Standing, complete the following request form.  Once completed, click the “Submit Button” the request will be sent to the diaconate office.  Failing to fill the form out completely may delay processing the request.

The requested Letter  will be e-mailed to you, mailed to the Diocese and pastor you are visiting, and filed in your permanent record.

Direct all questions concerning your request or emergency requests (i.e. funeral) to: Jennifer Kuhn,  Administrative Assistant, or 407-246-4898.

Request Form

Your first and last name:

Birth Date:

Your email address:

Your Parish:

Ordination Date:

Where Incardinated:

Diocese you're visiting:

Visiting Parish Name:

Visiting Parish phone number:

Name of Pastor:

Liturgy Date and/or dates as a Visiting Deacon:

Purpose of the Liturgy- Please be as specific as possible. For baptisms, be sure to include the names of parents and infant(s). For marriages, be sure to include the names of the couple to be wed. For all other liturgies, include all pertinent information.