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For each deacon, his model par excellence is Jesus Christ, the Servant, who lived totally at the service of his Father, for the good of every person.  To live their ministry to the fullest, “deacons must know Christ intimately and so share the burdens of their ministry.”

The Office of the Permanent Diaconate is a diocesan office of the Bishop committed to serving the diverse needs of the diocese, local parishes and their surrounding communities.  The primary purpose of this office is to provide support to the deacon’s ministerial life and the proper formation of permanent deacons.

  • Support. The office offers guidance to permanent deacons in their ministry of word, liturgy & charity, facilitates parish assignments and appointments, provides assistance and guidance for continuing formation and spiritual growth, supports individual deacons and their families, and encourages and promotes unity with the diaconate community and the priests.  The office further provides an approval process for deacons moving into the diocese who apply for faculties and parish assignment.
  • Formation. The office plans and supervises the diaconate formation program by assisting parish communities recruit potential candidates, screen & process applications, make recommendations to the Bishop for candidate acceptance, monitors candidates formation, and presents candidates to the Bishop for ordination.

Contact Us 

The Diaconate Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Deacon Joe Gassman
Director of Permanent Diaconate


Deacon Paul Volkerson
Associate Director of Externs/Administration



Jennifer Kuhn
Administrative Assistant
(407) 246-4898


Deanery Lead Deacons

Deacon German Romero, Central North Deanery


Deacon Rick Chabot, Central South Deanery


Deacon Nicholas Amicone, Eastern Deanery


Deacon Chuck Lee, Northern Deanery


Deacon Tom Flavell, Southern Deanery


Deacon Eddie Cruz, Western Deanery


Formation Cohort Facilitator Couples

Deacon Joe & Elly Moran, Cohort 2020


Deacon Bill & Wendy Shelden, Cohort 2022


Deacon Eddie & Mariela Cruz, Cohort 2024



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