Religious communities of women represented in the Diocese of Orlando

Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence (C.D.P.)

Impelled by the Spirit of Jesus, we commit ourselves to co-create a world of compassion, justice and peace. We nurture in ourselves and in others a trust and confidence in God’s faithful presence. We further commit ourselves to making God’s providence more visible in our world.

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (C.S.J)

Collaborating with others, we work to protect and restore earth’s healthy living systems; to act with justice and to alleviate the sufferings of people, especially the poor; to live the Gospel of Jesus, to strengthen our unity with the Church and to deepen our quality of life together among ourselves.

Daughters of the Heart of Mary (D.H.M.)

The Daughters of the Heart of Mary are 21st century ecclesial women of many nations and cultures alive with the gifts of the Spirit. Following the example of the original Christian communities, our spirituality is rooted in Sacred Scripture and is exemplified in lives and ministries strengthened by communal prayer and spiritual sharing.

Dominican Sisters of Adrian, MI (O.P. / Dominicans)

In the mission of Jesus we discover and identify ourselves as women called together to share faith and life with one another and sent into our world to be with others, bearers and recipients of his love, co-creators of God’s justice and peace.

Dominican Sisters of Peace (O.P. / Dominicans)

We claim our charism to preach truth—with a new fire. Our preaching flows from our contemplation and is embodied in our prayer, study, community and ministry. Rooted in the heritage of the Order of Preachers, we witness to the living presence of the Risen Christ.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity (O.S.F.)

We, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, whole-heartedly live our vocation in the loving community spirit of our foundresses. We strive to live the Gospel in simplicity, built on faith in a loving God; joyful acceptance of poverty, love for the Church, and selfless dedication to the service of others.

Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart (M.H.S.H.)

We serve the people of God through a wide spectrum of ministries in inner cities, suburban parishes and rural villages. We bring the gifts of faith and compassion to all we do, meeting people wherever they are on life’s journey, responding to their needs and making a difference, one life at a time.

Missionary Catechist Sisters (M.C.S./Hermanas Misioneras Catequistas)

We have chosen to imitate, follow and serve Christ chaste, poor and obedient. We make the Eucharist the center of our lives and through it we draw the dynamism of our existence. We honor the Virgin Mary in her Immaculate Conception, St. Joseph, St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Francis Xavier as our Patron Saints.

Religious Teachers Filippini (M.P.F.)

We live a life of prayer and service to the Church and the world in the name of Jesus Christ. We model our lives on the life of St. Lucy Filippini and promise to live lives of poverty, chastity and obedience.  We serve as sisters in the ministry of education to women and children throughout the world.

Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary (S.C.T.J.M.)

Our apostolic charism is to be ardent witnesses of the power and fecundity of love and the Splendor of the Magisterium and Treasures of the Church so as to form the human heart and build a new civilization of love, truth, and life in the heart of the Church and in the heart of the world.

Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters (O.P.)

Sinsinawa Dominican women are called to proclaim the Gospel through the ministry of preaching and teaching in order to participate in the building of a holy and just Church and society.

Sisters for Christian Community (S.F.C.C.)

We strive to forward the realization of Christ’s prayer, “that all may be ONE.” To achieve this we seek to bring together into a community of Christ-committed women afire with the mission of building up the Body of Christ through helping to build dynamic Christian Community wherever we live out our calling.

Sisters of Incarnation-Consecration-Mission (I.C.M.)

We imitate Christ who has come into the world and become a man in all things but sin. We come to the people and work among them, live among them, and be with them as witnesses to Christ. As Jesus consecrated himself to his Father and to his mother as a son, we dedicate ourselves in the footsteps of Jesus in that way.

Sisters of Mercy (R.S.M. / Ireland)

Our founding call is to bring God’s compassionate love to the world. We work in places of great poverty and need. We continue to interpret the call of Mercy and our own desire is to make a difference in the lives of people, especially those who are struggling for all kinds of reasons.

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur ( N.)

With hearts as wide as the world, we make known God’s goodness and love of the poor through a Gospel way of life, community and prayer. Continuing a strong educational tradition, we take our stand with poor people, especially women and children, in the most abandoned places.

Sisters of Notre Dame (S.N.D.)

Our charism and our spirit impel us to “participate in the mission of Jesus Christ, witnessing God’s goodness and provident care to others…” We devote ourselves to education in all its forms especially to catechesis and to other ministries which respond to the needs of the times, particularly those which serve people who are poor and marginalized.

Sisters of Providence (S.P.)

We serve the poor and less fortunate in our society. We have a special devotion and love for our Mother of Sorrows whose compassion and attention to all persons is what we hope inspires and informs all our works.

Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia (O.S.F.)

We respond with diverse gifts in a spirit of collaboration and of mutual service to the needs of others, especially the economically poor, the marginal, and the oppressed. Seeking to participate in the Spirit’s action in the world, we direct our resources to the promotion of justice, peace, and reconciliation.

Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities (O.S.F.)

Rooted in the Gospel and energized by the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare, we seek to be women of vision living in right relationship with God, one another and all creation.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace (C.S.J.P.)

Our history calls us to a special love for those who are poor. The weight of suffering and oppression borne by so many people today, especially those who are economically poor, cries out to us for action. Our response demands a firm commitment to work for justice in solidarity with our sisters and brothers.

Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (S.N.J.M.)

We are dedicated to the full development of the human person through education, social justice, contemplation, and the arts. We work in multiple settings for the full development of the human person, leading processes that guide communities to choose a Gospel path, or directing programs that promote systemic change.

Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix (I.H.M.R.)

In love we restore God’s Glory in the world through prayer and work, in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix, in order that people  know, love and remain in Jesus the Eucharist. We respond creatively and effectively to the needs of the people in the world and the inner life of the members of the Institute.

Society of Sisters for the Church (S.S.C.)

We witness to the presence of Christ and we bring the Good News of the Gospel to all people according to the signs of the times.  We live in a simple manner, but do not live a common life.  We are supported in our dedication by one another and the people we serve.

Ursuline Sisters of the Eastern Province (O.S.U)

In response to the needs of our times, we commit ourselves, in both our life and our work, to solidarity with the poor, to the pursuit of justice for all, especially women, and to collaboration with the laity. As a community that values both tradition and progress, we move into the future with courage and with trust in God.