Host a Workshop

Good communication skills are more important today than ever before. To help you gain additional insight and knowledge on this important subject, the Diocese of Orlando Communications Secretariat offers an assortment of workshops for parishes, schools, and diocesan entities

Below you will find a lineup of topics along with brief descriptions. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop at your parish or school, and have at least 10 people interested in attending, please contact Jennifer Drow at or 407-246-4811. Please include workshop title(s). We will contact you to arrange a convenient date, time, and location for the workshop(s) to be held.


Keys to Communication

How to communicate effectively with your target audience

Whether you want to communicate with parishioners, volunteers or students, there are basic strategies to help you connect with your target audience in a meaningful and memorable way. During this workshop, you will learn five keys of effective communication. Plus, see why technology is changing the very nature of communications and learn how to respond to the new trends. Good communication enhances relationships, understanding and trust. Unlock the door to effective communications.

Surviving a Crisis

How to create a communications plan to effectively handle an emergency/crisis

Do you have a communications plan which outlines how to manage a crisis? How would you handle an onslaught of media and public demands for information? During this workshop learn the best way to survive the crisis while keeping your audience informed. We will put you to the test during a drill, record a “news” interview and critique the results. Learn what to do and be prepared.

Read All About It

How to make your church bulletin a must read publication

Is your church bulletin really an effective communications tool? Do people skim the headlines, glance at the photos or just ignore it altogether? This workshop will show you why so many church bulletins are missing a golden opportunity. You will learn simple design and writing techniques to dazzle your readers. Plus, see how a simple promotional campaign can turn your church bulletin into a “must read” each week.

Website Wonders

How to enhance your church website

Whether you like it or not, your website conveys a powerful message about your parish, school or organization. Never before have so many people had access to or interest in the web and it’s time to take your website to the next level. During this workshop, learn what research reveals are the best website design elements and explore some of the newest navigation trends. Plus, learn how to revamp your website so that it truly reflects your mission and ministry.

Publicity 101

How to obtain free publicity for your event/ministry

There are more news outlets than ever before but it seems harder than ever to obtain news coverage. How can you write a news release that stands out from the hundreds sent to newsrooms each day? During this workshop, learn how to “pitch” your story to the press and who to contact with your story ideas. Plus, see how new media is changing the world of journalism and how the rules of publicity are changing also.

New Media Opportunities

How to use new media effectively to target your message

What if the weekly homily were not only heard on Sunday in Church, but also heard around the world anytime, any day? That’s the power of new media. Learn how to upload homilies to your website so they can be played on iTunes or other mp3 players. See how churches in our own diocese are using this new media to share the good news of Christ.