Chancery Building Dedication – July 25, 2007

“Peace to all who enter here.”  With these words I greet all of you who form the large family of those who work here in serving the people and parishes of the Diocese of Orlando.  I greet also those who work for the Church throughout the State of Florida in the Florida Catholic Newspaper also housed in this building.  I thank the priests, deacons of the diocese who join us this morning – and all our guests.

The Chancery Building is Dedicated on July 25, 2007. Viewed is the new Crucifix.

Today after the addition of some striking works of Sacred Art (executed by Martha Scheinkle) we wish to bless this building that serves as our Chancery and the center of the administration for our diocese.  Of course we have been in the building since March of 2003.  If we waited any longer to “baptize” this baby, it would have had to go through RCIA first.

But today is a good day to dedicate this building to the Lord, and in doing so, to rededicate ourselves to doing the Lord’s work.  Today is the feast of St. James, patron of our Cathedral Church and a patron of our diocese.  St. James Parish –long before it became our cathedral church – had a long history with this piece of property that goes back for more than a century. Some of that history is recounted in the displays inside.


The Faithful participate in the Dedication of the Chancery Building.

As we bless this beautiful facility, this historic building, renovated by and for the Church of Orlando, I wish to recognize and thank in a special way our Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Jerry Hilbrich.  This building that we enjoy is just one fruit of Jerry’s commitment and competence, a commitment and competence he has shared with his Church over the years both as a volunteer and as CFO.  Thank you, Jerry.  Without your vision and skill, we wouldn’t be here in this building today.

But, allow me also to thank all of you who work here.  Each one of you, in performing your duties, makes possible the smooth functioning of our fast growing diocese.  Each one of you helps me in fulfilling the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to me as the fourth bishop of this local Church.  You are my collaborators; so please know how grateful I am for what you do – and for who you are.  I count on you, and because I count on you, I ask you to grow each day in the knowledge of our Catholic faith, in friendship with God and in the generous service of your brothers and sisters.  Working here, for the Church, requires not only competence, professionalism and dedication; it also requires a serious commitment to be Alive in Christ, Witnesses to Hope.

The Faithful admire the sacred art.

As we bless the building with the Holy Water that recalls our own baptism, may we recommitment ourselves to our baptismal vocation to holiness.  In this way we will be disciples docile to the Master’s word and therefore credible witnesses.  In this way, each one of us can make and will make his or her own contribution to evangelization, which is the reason we exist as Church and the reason why the work done in this building is done.


The reception was held in the Chancery Court Room.

May the prayers of Mary, Queen of the Universe, prayers of St. James and our own prayers be the always the hidden strength of all we do.  May prayer sustain us, especially in difficult moments, in the work that we do here.  Ad majorem Gloria Dei.  For the greater glory of God.