Bishop John Noonan Applauds Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and Volunteers of Our Catholic Schools During Catholic Schools Week

As our nation celebrates Catholic Schools Week, I am grateful to each one of you for your faithfulness in the Lord’s name. In this Year of Faith and always, you serve as heralds of the Gospel to lead each one to Christ by your daily living.

Blessed are you, Lord God,

Creator of body and mind and heart;
You have sent the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge
to guide your people in all their ways.

As we begin Catholic Schools Week,
we implore Your mercy;
bless the students, teachers, staff, parents and volunteers
of our schools
that together we may grow in faith, hope and love
as we learn from You and each other
how to follow Your Son, Jesus.

Help us to raise the standards
of our daily study
for Your glory.
Deepen our commitment to seek the truth of your ways;
and enliven our faith to reach out to those in need.